About - Kathryn Knight

Kathryn Knight

I am a Street Photographer who travels near and far, always with a camera and always on the look-out for the "decisive moment" in which to tell a story. I let the streets be my guide. I shoot both "street" scenes as well as environmental portraits, with the goal to illustrate an emotion and the human condition. Most of the time I must react very quickly to capture the perfect moment or risk missing the shot. At other times I must wait for the ideal person(s) to walk into the frame to make the perfect composition. My photographs reflect the way people react with each other and to their surroundings. I enjoy both catching my subjects in a spontaneous moment, as well as interacting with them one-to-one. My education in art history influences how I see the world around me.

I was drawn to street photography because I was inspired by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson and how he captured daily life, in black and white. Today I am drawn to photographers like Alex Webb as I try to concentrate on light and color, as well as how my subjects are framed in the photograph.

I am the Founder and Chairperson of the Photo Guild in Naples, FL, which presents workshops and field trips, as well as an annual photography show. My award-winning photographs have been exhibited in numerous juried shows, such as CAMERA, USA, and in private collections.

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